Music Monday

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These songs have been added to my Summer Spotify playlist since I know I'll be playing them on repeat for months to come! Happy Monday! ☀ ☀ ☀

Thankful Thursday

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I'm thankful ...

... for my new bike! My old bike was pretty cool, but it ended up being too small for me and kinda flimsy! I fell off of it the second day I had it (in front of coworkers... embarrassing!! ) and knew I needed something more comfortable, since it is my commuting vehicle of choice. Enter: my PURPLE CRUISER! I love it so!! I'm so thankful for it + the beautiful wisteria all around Charleston this week.

... for spring weather! Logan and I have been enjoying tanning/reading/hammocking.

... for happy hour + margaritas with friends.

... for little labbie puppies!! That won't sit still for photos.

... for Charleston architecture because it never gets old and I will forever post about it.

... to run at the beach after work.

... to work downtown near all the shops + restaurants.


... for this bike store dog who instantly loved Logan and refused to leave his lap!! Soooo cutes.

... for rooftop bars + wine + sunsets.

... for friends who text you for outfit opinions, despite being 3000 miles away! ♥ U EKD

2014-04-02 09.47.38.jpg

... for CHAN.

... for 1) Hominy Grill's vegetable plate and 2) dining al fresco.

... for pretty evening bike rides.

Thankful Thursday is easily becoming my favorite blog feature. I love that I can recap my week via iPhone photos and give thanks for life's little details. A lot of things are repetitive (loving Chan 24/7 and cruising Charleston on my bike) but they make me so happy... so thanks be to God for letting them repeat on the daily! Have a nice Thursday everyone xxxxx