Weekend Links

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

TGIF! No big plans here. Just the usual beach, cruise, good food, porch drinks, church, grocery shopping, etc! Chill weekends are my fave and then weeeeee a short week because we leave for CA this coming Wednesday. Hallelu! Wishing you all a restful weekend xx 


• My fave new IG account is @napkinapocolypse, who also runs her dog's amazing instagram, @pamlovesferrariboys and is married to pro-surfer Dane Reynolds. Her sense of humor has me LOL and her Pam voice is hilarious. Just watch this, this, THIS, and this.

• Ew what?! I thought the toxic preservatives BHA and BHT were only found in shampoos, lotions, nail polish, etc. Turns out, they're also found in pre-packaged foods such as cereal and chips. California is the only state that makes shops put up a sign next to a product that contains BHA and BHT because it's linked to reproductive and developmental toxicity. Moral of the story: read every label!!

• This DIY seems easy and looks so chic!

• Love this list of affordable superfoods you might be over looking!

• If you haven't checked out meese Amy Stone's new website + blog, go look now!



• These tees are so simple, but seem so perfect.

Bare shoulders, ruffles, with a colorful trim. S'cute!

• I want to add this hat to my collection!

• SALE ALERT: Up to an extra 50% off (!!!!) J.Crew's sale with code FRIDAY

• SALE ALERT: Take an extra 25% off Shopbop's sale with code 25EXTRA

• SALE ALERT: Beautycounter rarely runs a promo and it's so exciting when they do!! This Radiant Skin Collection is now $150 ($221 value) from now til June 26! 

• SALE ALERT: 50% off Loeffler Randall! OMG!

Packing For CA

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

I'm so so SO excited for our upcoming trip to CA! I haven't been back since Xmas and I'm dyin' to be back in my element! We're flying into LA and staying in the cutest Airbnb in Venice Beach for 4 days. I can't wait to explore and Logan can't stop thinking of the surf! After our SoCal visit, we're flying to SF to see family and friends <3 I'm counting down the days until I get to reunite with my BFFs and their BFs in Sonoma for the 4th of July!!! Wine and fresh olive oil for DAYS!

Logan is checking a bag to bring his wetsuit lol his preferred #ootd. I just ordered this gorgeous hat and can't wait to wear it! Thank you to Alex for the inspo and reintroducing me to Cuyana—it's such a chic brand out of SF. I also plan on wearing rompers and gladiator sandals with red nails and nude glossy lips the whole time. Eeeeasy!

OH! And if you live near a Sunglasses Hut, I went in this weekend to get a new pair of Ray-Ban aviators because I recently lost mine. They were having a deal that you could buy two pairs of $150 Ray-Bans for $200. I went for it and now have my OG aviators back and an all black pair! Classic and cute!

Shop the look:

1. Summer Hat, $75
2. Ray-Ban Aviators, $150
3. Short Flowy Jumpsuit, $30 (50% off!) 
4. Boardwalk Lace-Up Sandal, $45 (on sale!)
5. Red Nail Polish, $16
6. Lip Shine, $26

Wellness Wednesday: Elissa Goodman

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

Happy (Wellness) Wednesday! Today I am highlighting nutritionist Elissa Goodman. I first heard Elissa talk on That's So Retrograde (surprised? heh) and thought she was incredibly insightful and inspiring! Elissa was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 32. After a few rounds of chemo and radiation, she realized that the "solution" was feeling worse than the problem. She decided to explore holistic alternatives because her body was in need of nourishment and love. She quit her job to better manage her stress, began to juice, started to eat a plant-based diet, and practice yoga. In a matter of months, her body began to heal and she ultimately beat cancer!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.59.50 AM.png

A couple years later, her husband was later diagnosed with cancer and was not as fortunate. His doctors convinced him to begin immediate chemo and radiation and went through two bone marrow transplants. His immune system weakened and he developed an infection that eventually killed him. After he passed away, Elissa went back to school and became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. She now works with people of all ages to help cleanse their bodies and lives!

I loved listening to Elissa because she is incredibly smart and knows so much about how different foods affect our body. Her cleanses are not just liquids—they are based on superfoods, eating organic, and combining different foods to make sure your body reacts in the BEST way possible to ward off disease. She will cook food for her clients, but also works with restaurants around LA to create special cleanse dishes (and juices!) for their menus.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.58.28 AM.png

I encourage you to check out her amazing website and instagram and listen to her on this episode and this episode of That's So Retrograde! She is so calming to listen to and I learned so much! I also can't wait to buy her new book, Cancer Hacks and cook up some superfood goodness! Hope this was insightful and wishing y'all a great day! xx

This For That: Jumpsuit

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion


I was never a huge fan of rompers or jumpsuits until this season! Now, I love them and think they are the easiest thing to throw on. I saw this romper by FRAME and knew I could find a knock-off. And of course, Forever comes through with a similar style that has five star reviews and free shipping today!!! I can't wait to wear it in LA with some slides and a cute straw hat!

This: FRAME, $350
That: Forever 21, $38

A Video!!

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

Hi everyone and welcome to my first VIDEO! I've wanted to add video content to SImply B for so long! I finally got around to making a video this weekend and it features my Beautycounter morning makeup routine. I go over what I use, how to apply it, and what my work face looks like everyday :D I'm usually not on my living room floor, but applying everything in Logan's truck as we drive to work since I'm always running out the door!! Also, pls ignore all my "um"s "like"s and awkward ending about seeing y'all tomorrow hahaha! (:

Let me know if you have any questions about the products, company, or safe beauty/a non-toxic lifestyle in general. It's my favorite topic to talk about! Feel free to leave a comment or email me: brookemccallion@gmail.com

Can't wait to hear from you! xx

Products in the video

Cream Cleanser
• Rosewater
Vibrant Eye Perfector

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer (I'm wearing shade No. 2) applied with the Retractable Brush
Pen Concealer (I'm wearing Fair) and applied with a Flat Brush
Matte Bronzer (I'm wearing shade No. 1) and applied with a Powder Brush
Duo Blush (I'm wearing Flamingo/Apricot)
* Brow Pencil - Out of stock, but coming soon (:
• Lip Sheer (I'm wearing Twig, but love the new summer shade called Terra)
• Mattify Skin Finishing Powder