Weekend Links

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

TGIF! I had a great week back in Charleston, thanks to this fun photoshoot for Cobble Hill's new website. We rented out a studio for the day and the Thomas Brothers filmed lots of video for our case studies and homepage. I love our tropical surf 80's vibes! So sick 😛 <--- said in Pam's voice. Have a wonderful weekend! xx


• Tea time! I make myself a cup of tea once I get to the office in the morning. My new fav is tulsi tea, due to its loooong list of health benefits.

• Lucy Laucht and her husband went on a familymoon! It sounded so adorable.

• I'm obsessed with both lentils AND curry right now. Lentils are an amazing source of iron (more iron than red meat!) and curry is super anti-inflammatory. I'm going to make this easy lentil, sweet potato curry ASAP!

• Oh man, I can't believe the news about Epipens and how the company has surged the price more than 500% in the past years. Horrible. Sign this petition to help fight back!!

• Can't stop thinking about this stack of rings!


• I l o v e denim and keep going back to these jeans!

• A sweatshirt that's both chic and comfy (and on sale)!

• Say what! A Rag & Bone wool fedora for 50% off!

• I'm in the market for faux-leather pants. I'm leaning towards this pair!

• One Teaspoon white shorts on sale! OOH!

• This dress is so pretty in both pink and black!

Fall Trends

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

This outfit was inspired by these amazing patterned booties! I saw them on Asos's instagram and was like OH! They're the perfect knockoff to this pair by Loeffler Randall. I love the cropped denim trend because no more awkward rolling or stuffing of skinny jeans. Add a pretty ruffle sweater, bright orange clutch for fall, and voilà! This outfit screams date night / ladies night / let's drink red wine. Happy Thurs! xx

PA, CA Shopping

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

Good morning! I got back to Charleston Monday night and am somewhat back in my routine. Wake up to Charlie begging for food, make coffee, write a blog post, work work work work work work. While in California, I picked up some goodies because focusing on style has always brought me joy (#retailtherapy). Hence, this blog! Walking around Palo Alto (which I like to refer to as "PA") and bopping around Stanford Shopping Center (really pretty outdoor mall) has always been a favorite past-time. The weather is perfect, there are lots of pretty flowers/plants, and all my favorite stores. It's just a pleasant experience!

EKD and I were walking around Stanford one night and walked right into the opening party for Amour Vert, a San Francisco based company. For every shirt sold, they plant a tree (usually where a wildfire has been) and all the clothes are designed AND made in SAN FRANCISCO! What a concept! Most of the items are made out of modal, which is made from birch trees. Again, what a concept! Modal is a SUPER SOFT material and I was obsessed from the second I touched it. I went back a couple days later with Pearl and she got this cardigan while I got this adorable midi dress, white v-neck, and twisted tee.

I was on a hunt for cool denim and found success in Nordstrom's Topshop section. I AM OBSESSED with these straight leg jeans! High-waisted, a little stretchy, raw hem. Oooooh! Pearl is ordering a pair because they didn't have her size and three friends on Snapchat asked me for deets yesterday. I'm glad I found them in the store because I probably would not have been very intrigued if I only saw them online. I also tried on this amazing navy suede jacket that was so gorg. Oh and Pearl and I got matching sunnies because they're $12 and do not look it!

I love sneaks and picked up a pair of leather Vans because of the ZIPPER action! They look like normal lace-up sneaks, but the zipper makes them so easy to kick on and off. They run a little big, so I ordered a half of a size down. Oh and I added this J.Crew hat to my collection because I wear a hat everywhere to protect my skin. I love the leather detail! And last but not least, Pearl graciously gave me this white lace top she said she never wore. It's sooo pretty! I've been wearing it with a nude bra and it's not see through. It's on sale rn!

OK that's all my shopping deets for now. Regular programming is slowly but steadily on its way back <3

I'm Still Here!

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

Hello hello! I think this is the first week in my blogging career that I didn't post or check in all week without notice. I'm home in California for family stuff that I don't feel like blasting across a public domain. I'm sure I will share eventually, but all of my time and energy is going towards helping out, cheering up, and trying not to fall behind with work!!!

My blogging will probably be sporadic for the next week, but I know I will get back into the swing of things. Right now, all I want to do is hang out, decompress, drive around with the windows down, listen to music, buy pretty clothes, talk to my friends, enjoy the perfect California weather, enjoy perfect Palo Alto, drink lattes, drink wine, take walks, take hot showers, pray the rosary, go to church, thank God for all the blessings, and sleep in my amazing cloud-like bed (pictured above).

I'll end this post with an email from Ryan that made me feel better. Talk soon for sure! xxxxxxx

Brooke, if you've got a beating heart, you're experiencing things that just plain suck. Things that hurt, that scare us, that trigger us. 

We tend to lose consciousness in the face of such things. We shut down or we panic. We feel that the challenge has power over us. We buckle under its weight. 

In doing so, we disconnect from our creativity and Grace and manifest a reality in which our problems become more real across the board. 

Doing this is understandable. It can feel next to impossible to remain in our Spirit when shit hits the fan...yet, I believe that is WHY shit hits the fan...to ask us to remember Who we are in the face of our fear.

What if we can see that which we don't want as a learning tool - the contrast to teach us what we DO want?

We can see the situation as a Divine opportunity to undo our fearful thinking. This isn't difficult, it's just different, which makes it feel difficult. 

In the moment of the trigger, we are asked to surrender the situation:

"Dear Universe, I invite you into my mind to heal my thinking here. Thank you. I know you are here with me now and I am so, so grateful."

Let's trust that the very same Energy that created this whole thing is consistently healing every aspect of it.

The Universe holds us with great Love - if we let It, we will see It. 

Love Big. Shine Bright. Find Freedom.
Loving you from right here,

Weekend Links

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

Ahhh leave it to Jen Gotch to help me feel better about the many emotions I've been working through this week (read the caption). I love her honesty and realness so much! Hope everyone has a peaceful weekend! xx


• Nan was so kind and asked if I wanted to be featured on her new morning routine series. Of course I said yes! Esp. since I'm definitely a morning person (: Check it out here!

• This feature on Simone Biles is sooooooo cool. First, she's AMAZING! Second, the design and movement are awesome.

• 36 hours in Nantucket? The NY Times mentioned Beautycounter's popup shop and said, "Don't leave the island without a bar of their charcoal cleanser"! Get one for yourself and any man in your life; Logan snatched it out of my hands when it first arrived!

• Don't even get me started with the Loeffler Randall website. I love when they update the photos and products every season! ~vibes~

• Last night I went to yoga at Charleston Power Yoga and as per usual, it made me feel so good. I walked out of class and my friend had messaged me this Instagram video. Omg. I was cracking up! CPY is the best studio I've ever been to!

• Is this true???


• I saw these red booties and want a pair for fall!

• This dress is gorgeous and timeless!

• Hi, pink overalls!!

• I'd wear this denim ruffle top all year long.

• Cutest checkered romper!

• SALE ALERT: Take an extra 30% off Madewell's sale! Yippeee hello classic summer sandals, flared jeans, black cami jumpsuit, and chambray dress!