Freda Salvador Website

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

Yesterday at work, we pushed the new and improved Freda Salvador website live! I am very grateful that I had opportunity to design everything from layouts to hovers to type treatments. I love the subtle movement across the site. For example, how the nav at the top drops in a second after the page has loaded. But the coolest feature would have to be the product page scroll. How you *try* to scroll down, but it actually goes through the very beautiful product photos horizontally. So sick 8) Check out the brand new Resort 17 collection here! The lookbook is amazing!

Five Delicious Cookbooks

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

Cooking is my favorite simple pleasure (besides coffee)! Both my parents are fantastic chefs and my love of cooking definitely came from them. Here are five delicious cookbooks on my radar:

Gjelina: Cooking From Venice, California

Gjelina came HIGHLY recommended from everyone, so Logan and I made sure not to miss it when we were in Venice this summer. It was totally amazing! Chef Travis Lett's dishes are inspired by California's incredible produce and his Jersey upbringing. Cal-Italian at its finest!

Malibu Farm Cookbook

My friend has this cookbook and I couldn't put it down the last time I was at her house. Easy and nutritious recipes that make me homesick for California! Multigrain yogurt pancakes, farm egg frittata, miso marinated fish... someone beam me to Malibu Pier ASAP!

How To Celebrate Everything

This cookbook looks so adorable and delicious. Jenny Rosenstrach shares her family recipes to help you celebrate everything: birthdays (classic chocolate cake), holidays (amazing challah), and everything in-between (summer berry pie).

It's All Easy

I don't know anyone who doesn't like Gwyneth's recipes. My coworker makes her Singapore noodles at least twice a week. The difference between this book and Gwenyth's other books is that this one doesn't adhere to any strict diet. It's balanced with zucchini noodles and indulgent carbonara!

Small Victories

For the beginner or avid cook! Julia uses simple, basic ingredients to make standout dishes (think: Ina Garten... she even wrote the foreword!). At the end of every recipe, she gives you 2-3 spinoffs to take the recipe to another level or make it your own. Small victories really do make you feel more confident in the kitchen!

Wish I Was Wearing

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

I love holiday parties and any excuse to dress up! I was browsing The Outnet and found this timeless shimmery midi dress that I know I'd wear for years to come. I'd pair it with these amazing mules by Freda Salvador (adorned with jewels by Anndra Neen) and this fantastic faux fur coat. I always paint my nails BRIGHT red this time of year, which would perfectly match this embellished clutch. Last but not least, I'd put on a simple choker for extra style points and be ready to drink champagne all night!

• Faux Fur Coat, $150

Dress, $225

Mules, $365

Embellished Clutch, $185

Choker, $5

Nail Polish, $18

Weekend Recap

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

^^^ On Friday night, we walked to our cute neighborhood lake that was having a Christmas lighting ceremony / block party! They lined the lake with lanterns and it was so pretty! ^^^

^^^ Afterwards, we went to dinner and each came home with Nutella milkshakes. ^^^

^^^ The next morning, we went on a long walk and I noticed that cameillas are starting to bloom! ^^^

^^^ Despite the cold, I still ate an açai bowl from Huriyali. ^^^

^^^ Nug got a haircut and was v. upset over it :| ^^^

^^^ We went to happy hour c/o @thesoutheats at Cannon Green! All of it was really delicious–food, wine, cocktails! ^^^

^^^ Nug being a bunny for carrots! I'm wearing an old fuzzy J.Crew jacket (this vest is the same material!), white blouse (similar), Levi's 501 skinnies, and old OTK boots (similar)!^^^

^^^ On Sunday, we only left the house to go to church (I <3 advent), grocery shop, and walk Charlie! PS: my mules are by Treasure & Bond, but I can't find them online! These are similar. ^^^

^^^ I made the most delicious faux-tuna salad with chickpeas!! You take 1 can of chickpeas, rinse, then mash with a fork. Add chopped carrots, celery, pickles, a spoonful of mayonnaise, 1 tbsp of soy sauce, pepper, and voila! I ate it wrapped in romaine lettuce and some potato chips! ^^^

^^^ Such a relaxing weekend with my squad! Have a great Monday! xx ^^^

Weekend Links

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

Happy Fri! I've felt a tad under the weather all week, so I'm excited to chill on my couch surrounded by Christmas decor and go to the beach to do some reading. I stumbled across this artist's Instagram and LOVE her wildflower plates (shown above). Very Anthro-esqe! Have a peaceful weekend! xx


• The best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

• Love this post by Andi! I want to print that Nora Ephron excerpt.

• Pearl and I laughed so hard at this hahaha!

Everlane is always changing up their homepage. So nice and CLEAN.

• Logan is going to Santa Fe for work next year and I'm very tempted to join thanks to this city guide!


• I'm obsessed with my Levi's 501 skinnies. This cropped pair is calling my name!

• Pretty earrings for $45.

• I love these cute stockings!

• Pearl and I both tried on these Topshop loafers and loved them. Really soft!

• Pompom beanies under $25!! One, twothree, four!

PS: Always adding to The Shop!