Loving Lately

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

Do I like neutral pieces or what?! No color here! My closet is made up of shades of blue, grey, white, tan, and black. It makes pairing outfits so easy, especially when traveling. I'm really loving every item in this round-up and would gladly take them all! But I really can't stop thinking about these LF suede espadrille sneaks–they would look so cute with these white raw hem cropped flares (on sale)! And I love how these Madewell high-waisted skinnies look on Alex. They're also on sale and seem so comfortable! Hope everyone's having a great week! xx

Wellness Wednesday: Safe Household Cleaners

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

Wellness Wednesday is back! And I am here to help you detox your home and make it a safe, cozy space. Yesterday, I put in a big order on Thrive Market and restocked on all our safe, non-toxic household goods. While y'all know I am a huge proponent of safe makeup and skincare, having a non-toxic home is SO IMPORTANT!!!

I rarely come across a certain makeup or skincare product on EWG that has a straight up F rating. It's usually lingering in the C or D department. However, when I look up household products, I see F ratings all. the. time. Examples:

• Tide Laundry Detergent
• Mr. Clean Surface Cleaner
• Clorox Bleach
• Windex Glass Cleaner
• Swifter Furniture Spray ALLERGEN REDUCER

Ughhhh how can a company market a product as an "allergen reducer" when it's actually full of toxic ingredients that are harmful to respiratory systems? NOT OK!!!!

The good news is that there are many awesome companies that make super safe, non-toxic products for our households. And I love to support them! The biggest difference between toxic vs. non-toxic products (other than the harmful ingredients) is the smell. I don't buy anything that has "fragrance" listed because that means it could be made of 50 other ingredients they aren't listing. Once you strip "fragrance" from your life, you become much more sensitive to them. I love that all my household products are either lightly scented from essential oils or unscented. My dog Charlie has become really sensitive to fragrance, too. If he smells perfume on someone, he goes INSANE (in a bad way). Animals are very sensitive creatures and it's really important to have a safe home if you own a pet.

So! Here are some of my favorite cleaning supplies that are pictured above. I buy most of them on Thrive Market to save $$!

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Free & Clear
Planet Inc. Liquid Laundry Detergent
• Truce Peppermint All-Purpose Spray
Beautycounter Citrus Mimosa Hand Wash
• Organic Vinegar
Seventh Generation Liquid Bleach

Weekend Recap

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

^^^ Last Thursday, my friend CVD and her boyfriend came to town. We all went to 167 Raw, which is one the best restaurants in Charleston and my fave! I tried a lobster roll for the first time (!) and it was delicious. ^^^

^^^ Friday's outfit to work! White cut offs, Isabel Marant espadrilles, and Nili Lotan gingham top - all from my fave boutique in the world, Les Deux Copines! ^^^

^^^ Necessary avocado toast w/tomatoes. ^^^

^^^ Friday night, Logan, our friend Schalles, and I all went to Xiao Bao Biscuit for dinner. It's ridiculously good and this Coast kolsch was SO good, too. ^^^

^^^ Come here if you visit Charleston and like Asian food! That cabbage pancake is everything. ^^^

^^^ Saturday morning, Logan woke up at 6 AM to surf and I laid in bed for 15 min. deciding if I wanted to join. Then the thought of going on my computer came to mind and I was like, NOOOO. Need. a. computer. break. So I jumped out of a bed and went with! ^^^

^^^ Logan's boards are all fiberglass, really hard (vs. soft), and HEAVY! So I waited for a board rental shop to open and grabbed a latte. I rented a 9 ft. soft board, met up with dem boys, and had soooooooo much fun. ^^^

^^^ After a couple of hours, we went home to grab Charlie. We brought him back to the house CVD and her boyfriend's family were staying at! The view was AMAZING! ^^^

^^^ We went surfing again because, obsessed. ^^^

^^^ Later, we went back to the house to chill and cook dinner. ^^^

^^^ Charlie is so good off the leash! Proud mom ^^^

^^^ It was the most perfect evening le sighhhhh if only we had our own private dock! ^^^

^^^ Father and son ^^^

^^^ The next morning, we walked to Black Tap to grab coffee. ^^^

^^^ It's SO humid here that windows are usually fogged up in the morning! ^^^

^^^ And then.... Logan and I went surfing again because it's SO FUN! I ended up buying the board I rented because it's the perfect beginner board and cheap since it was used. We're still exhausted from all the exercise and chilled v. hard Sunday and Monday nights. Hope you all had a great weekend! xx ^^^

Sale Alert: Nordstrom

by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

TGIF and yippeeee one of the best sales of the season! Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale has actually been going on for a week or two for those who own a Nordstrom card. But alas, it's open to everyone today! This sale is awesome because they markdown brand new arrivals (hello, fall).

I plan on getting some staples I know I will be eyeing come October! These are my current faves:
• A long coat-like vest
• A chic wool hat
• A cute black dress to wear with OTK boots
• A super pretty cashmere sweater
• A cheetah tee paired with faux leather leggings

Shop all my fave clothes + shoes/accessories below! HAPPY WEEKEND and HAPPY SHOPPING!


by Brooke Kiernan McCallion

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 8.02.50 AM.png

Catching up on the last thing(s) I...

ATE: Homemade chocolate chip cookies! I make the dough then shape it into a loaf, so it's easy to slice n' bake! It's 100% Logan's favorite thing EVER.

DRANK: Coffeeeeeeee.

LISTENED TO: This Work remix! Love the beginning, but it's a lil intense at the chorus. So I just keep replaying the first part!

WORE: I CAN'T STOP wearing these shorts around the house. I sized way up because they're short!

REFLECTED ON: "We can never have too much confidence in the good God. As we hope in Him, so we shall receive." –St. Therese

ANTICIPATED: My BFF CVD is in town with her BF this weekend! And then Logan's two friends get here tomorrow. Gonna be a PARTY!

LAUGHED ABOUT: @pamlovesferrariboys forever <3 I can't stop watching and quoting this, this, and this. I want to be @napkinapocalpyse when I grow up. Have you seen their adorable child??? Omg